Welcome to the ultimate (and free) CATIA macro programming guide! Check out some of our additional free articles about writing VBA Catia macros. I’ve divided up the content according to your skill level – whether you are brand new to computer programming in general, if you have some experience programming but not in CATIA, or if you’re just looking for real world CATIA macro examples or need help.

Newbies – Brand New to Computer Programming

Programming 101: If you have no computer programming experience read these articles first before you attempt to begin writing your own CATIA macros.

CATIA Macro Fundamentals

This section is for those who have coding experience but are brand new to CATIA programming.

Macro How-to Video Tutorials and Presentations

Advice on Creating Your First Custom CATIA macro

I highly recommend everything read these articles regardless of skill level or experience, especially before swamping my inbox with questions.


“If you tell me I’ll forget, if you show me I may remember,  but if you involve me I’ll understand.” I’m putting together some exercises to help you learn how to program in CATIA on your own. Solutions can be downloaded in the Downloads page but I highly encourage you to try and figure out a solution for yourself!

Projects and Tutorials

Real-world CATIA Macro Examples

CATIA V6 Macros

CATIA Drafting Macros

CATIA Jobs Information

Other Useful CATIA Tips and Information

If you haven’t started programming macros in CATIA V5 yet, why not? What’s preventing you from getting started?