I’m proud and excited to announce there are now two ways you can make money through my website. I’ve been asked in several emails about how my fellow programmers and students can make a little extra cash. Because I can’t give out contract work to everyone, here’s what I’ve come up with. All the details are listed below.

1. Sell Your Own Product

Create a useful product (macro code, written tutorial, video lesson, etc) that I can sell on my website and we would split the profits. You could focus on creating a good product and I would focus on marketing/selling it to my existing, built in customer base.

Here is an example I did with Alireza.


2. Affiliate Program

You can make money by becoming my affiliate and recommending my books to your friends and co-workers. I’ve started an affiliate program and am giving out a whopping 50% commission (Amazon’s affiliate program typically starts at 4% by comparison).

How do you become my affiliate? Follow these easy steps:

1. Create a free Gumroad account:


2. Send me an email informing me you’ve signed up for Gumroad

3. I’ll make you an affiliate of my products.You’ll then receive a special affiliate link.

4. Send your affiliate link to friends and coworkers. Every time one of them clicks on your link then makes a purchase you will automatically see 50% of the sale deposited into your account.

It’s that easy! The more people you refer, the more money you can make. If you enjoy my book and have been sharing it, I want to reward you.

If either of these two options (or both) sound good to you, please let me know! And I’m always open to new ideas. I look forward to working with you,