When CATIA is installed, CATIA libraries are automatically registered in the Windows registry. Type Library Files (TLB) are files necessary for exposing functions to catia librariesWindows by acting as maps which point to the functions inside of the dll files that make CATIA V5 work. The TLB files are also located in the UNLOAD directory for V5. Any external application needs to have access to these files. By default there are a large number of CATIA references which are selected. Each reference is actually a type library (.tlb) located in the CATIA “bin” directory. Before creating your macros go to Tools > References and make sure all available CATIA references are selected.

catia library files

In addition to the standard VBA and CATIA APIs there are a number of additional APIs that you can access in your VBA programs. Some of the most important additional references commonly used are the Microsoft Office application object libraries.

excel object library

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