If you do not wish to sign up for my free email course or purchase the VB Scripting for CATIA V5 book and all you want are some useful CATIA macros then you’re in luck! I’ve created a “Macro Pack” where you can conveniently download more than fifty of my macro codes all at once. I’ve listed each macro name, type (CATPart, CATProduct, CATDrawing, etc.), programming language (CATScript or VBA), and a brief description below. As you can see, I’ve divided each macro into a category to help you easily find the code you’re looking for.




Macro Name Type Languague Description
Hello World Any CATScript Shows how to create your first "Hello World" macro
Function Example Any CATScript Shows how to use a function
Subroutine Example Any CATScript Shows how to use a subroutine
Count and Item Example Any CATScript Counts the number of open documents
Arrange Windows Any CATScript Shows different ways to arrange CATIA windows
Do Until Loop Any CATScript Example of a Do Until Loop
Do While Loop Any CATScript Example of a Do While Loop
For Each Loop Any CATScript Examples of a For Each Loop
For Next Loop Any CATScript Example of a For Next Loop
Date and Time Parameter Example Any CATScript How to create a date and time parameter
StartCommand Examples Any CATScript List of common usages of StartCommand in CATIA macros
Hide All Planes Any CATScript Hides all planes

VB SCRIPTING FOR CATIA V5: 4th Edition Exercises

Macro Name Type Languague Description
4.3 Viewpoint to ISO View Any CATScript Switches the viewpoint to isometric view
6.1 Delete a Geometrical Set CATPart CATScript How to delete a geometrical set
8.5 Draw a Circle in Drafting Workbench CATDrawing CATScript Draw a 2D circle in the drafting workbench
7.1 Delete All Deactive Features CATPart CATScript This CATScript macro deletes all deactive components (not including sketches)


Macro Name Type Languague Description
Change Units Any CATScript Changes the units from mm to inch or vice versa
Level of Detail Any CATScript Changes the level of detail while rotating data


Macro Name Type Languague Description
CATIA Version Any CATScript This macro displays the current CATIA version and service pack number
Launch_Calculator Any CATScript Launches the calculator from CATIA V5
Compass Reset Any CATScript Resets the compass
Expiry Date Any VBA This macro allows you to set an expiry date in which your code will not run after the set date
Parent name Any CATScript Displays the parent name of a selected object
Screen Capture Any CATScript This macro takes a screen shot with a white background and saves it in a folder
What is this Any CATScript Returns the name and type of all selected objects
Workbench ID Any CATScript Displays the workbench ID and command list
Background to White Any CATScript Changes the background color to white
Background to Purple Any CATScript Changes the background color to purple
CommandList Any CATScript Opens the command list for the active workbench
Search by Name Any CATScript Search for specified geometry by name and center graph


Macro Name Type Languague Description
Dimension Precision CATDrawing CATScript Change all your drawing dimensions from current unit to millimeters
Drawing Frame and Title Block CATDrawing CATScript Create a drawing frame and title block
Drawing Front View CATDrawing CATScript Create a drawing with a front view of a CATPart
DRW Sheet Names CATDrawing CATScript Rename drawing sheets based on the total number of sheets
Move Views CATDrawing CATScript Moves a view within a drawing sheet
Unlock Drawing Views CATDrawing CATScript This macro will lock or unlock all drawing views


Macro Name Type Languague Description
Count Sketch Based Features CATPart CATScript Find all sketch based features
Cycle Through Deactive Features CATPart CATScript Cycle through deactivated features
Geometrical Set CATPart CATScript This macro creates a new geometrical set within a part file
Object Update/Inactive check CATPart CATScript Check whether an object needs to be updated or is deactive
Part Density CATPart CATScript Display the density of a part
Join 2 Sweeps CATPart CATScript Joins two sweeps together
Publish Body CATPart CATScript Publishes the PartBody
Create Different Parameter Types CATPart CATScript Shows how to create parameters of different types
Trapezoid CATPart CATScript Sketches a trapezoid shape with user input height and width on a plane selected by the user


Macro Name Type Languague Description
Activation State CATProduct CATScript Returns the activation state (active or de-active) of a product
Description CATProduct CATScript Returns component and reference product descriptions
Export Spec Tree CATProduct CATScript Export the spec tree to either an xls or txt file
Extract BOM CATProduct CATScript Extracts the BOM to a txt file
Product to Design Mode CATProduct CATScript Check to see if the top level product document is in design mode
ScrollDownTree CATProduct CATScript This macro will walk down the tree and display the part number for every component and if it is a part or product


Macro Name Type Languague Description
Excel to CATIA example Excel VBA Creates a new product and parts in CATIA from an Excel sheet
Email CATIA VBA Send an email from CATIA
Launch Word Word VBA Creates and opens a new word document with the text “Welcome to your new document”

Last updated: 10/24/2014

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The following macros are only available in the Expanded Edition of the Macro Pack sold with the All-in package of VB Scripting for CATIA V5.

Macro Name Type Languague Description

Drawing Export No Details

CATDrawing CATScript Export drawing sheets as TIF minus any detail sheets
Two Part Comparison CATProduct CATScript Display changes between two parts (old version and new version of same part)
Export Data to TXT via Stream Any CATScript Shows how to export data to a text file while a macro is running
CATPart from CATProduct CATProduct CATScript Converts a CATProduct into a single CATPart file
Center of Gravity CATProduct CATScript Finds the COG of a product
Launch NC Workbench Any CATScript Launches the prismatic machining workbench
Unhide annotations in a capture CATPart CATScript How to unhide annotations inside of a capture
Publish Fastening Points CATPart CATScript How to publish multiple points inside of a CATPArt

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