Are you getting the most out of CATIA V5?

I'm dedicated to providing you with the best resources to learn how to program macros in CATIA V5 and V6. Below are the books, tutorials, and macros that will help you automate those repetitive and time consuming tasks.

"I just want to say thanks for all the help you've given me and that it has provided a large amount of value to my work; from the initial steps of modifying your screenshot macro to be used and modifiable by my entire department to creating macros that automated entire design processes. It has really kick started my success and inspired me to do more with automation. "
-Zack K.

VB Scripting for CATIA V5



Need a step-by-step guide how to setup and use time saving CATIA macros? Download VB Scripting for CATIA V5 – Starter Package now and get a fast education on how to improve your CATIA efficiency and productivity.



Stop wasting time! There’s a better way. Learn how to get the most out of CATIA V5.
BONUS: 84 ready-to-use CATScript example codes
BONUS: Using Forms in CATVBA step-by-step tutorial (PDF)



The internet’s #1 resource for learning CATIA macro programming that will help shave hours off your work week. Everything you need to know to take routine tasks and turn hours of work into minutes or seconds.
BONUS:101 ready-to-use CATScript example codes
BONUS: 16 walk-through video lessons from Emmett Ross



CATIA V5 Tips and Tricks




 From taming the specification tree to sketching, managing large assemblies and drawings, CATIA V5 Tips and Tricks will save you time and help you avoid common stumbling blocks.

How to Model Gears Project




Learn how to automatically model four different types of gears in CATIA V5 and create a complex user form to create new gears with your desired properties on-the-fly.

CATIA V5 Macro Pack




The macro pack is perfect for anyone who is looking to get a jump start on automating their boring and repetitive tasks. One of the best ways to learn is by dissecting code you already know works. Feel free to plug and play these macros into larger, more complicated programs.
“I find myself using the scroll through the product tree code quite a lot…”  Matt, July 2014

Top Ten CATIA Macros


Looking to save time on your work or project? "I have received your email with  top ten most used CATIA V5 macros, it's really very great work you have done, and the macro "7. Screen capture" help me to solved one of my problems, so thank you so much for the help!!" 

VB Scripting for CATIA V5 - Paperback


Yes, you can purchase a paperback version from, but I recommend buying directly from my site because you will receive instant notification and updates whenever I release a new edition of the book, which is not possible if you buy the paperback version. Plus, when you buy the digital version you can start learning immediately, no waiting required!

CATIA V5 Tips and Tricks - Paperback


"Great shortcut and tips for Catia V5. Definitely helps in accelerating the design process and excellent guide for anyone who wants to truly learn catia v5." -Amazon reviewer

Reorder Specification Tree Tutorial




This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to rearrange the order of the components in the specification tree using a VBA macro. This method will use cut and paste but the constraint links will be preserved. 

VB Scripting for CATIA V5 - PREVIEW


Want to “test drive” the book before buying? You can download and read the entire first chapter including the end of chapter quiz.