catia uuidEvery CATPart and CATProduct contains a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID). Basically, CATIA identifies files based on their file name and their UUID. Where problems occur are when two pieces of data have the same UUID. Compounding the problem, the UUID can’t be viewed or edited with any current CATIA function. There are cases when two files may have different names but share the same UUID. This causes a problem when dealing with Product Data Management (PDM) systems, like SmartTeam. It is recommended to create new UUIDs whenever possible.

Actions which will create new CATIA UUID include:

  • File + New
  • File + New From
  • File + SaveAs – option save as new document
  • INSERT New Product
  • INSERT New Part
  • Document Template Creation


Actions which will keep the same CATIA UUID for each include:

  • File + Open
  • File + Save Management
  • File + Save
  • File + SaveAs
  • Send to directory
  • File + CLOSE
  • File + Save
  • File + Save ALL

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