I’ve made a few of my custom CATIA macros available for free download. Listed below is the name and description of each macro. Click on the name to download (files are hosted on www.box.com). To create a CATScript, open NOTEPAD and paste the code then save the file with the name you want and change the extension to CATScript instead of TXT. Some of them will work under UNIX but not all due to differences between the two systems.


 CATScript Downloads

  • What is this?: This macro displays the name and type of all selected elements.
  • CATIA Version: Displays the CATIA version, R number, and service pack.
  • Search by Name: Search for specific geometry by name and then center graph

Drafting CATScripts

  • Drafting Circle: This macro shows how to sketch a line and a circle in CATIA drafting workbench (macros cannot be recorded in Drafting workbench).

 CATVBA Downloads

User Submitted / Real World Macros

    • Change Logo.CATScript submitted by Milind Deshpande of Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd. This CATScript deletes the image “Lion_Logo” and adds new image “Tiger_Logo” in “Background View” of all the drawings in “C:\change_logo\drawings\REL\” folder. If the drawings are not present in above folder then the script checks the drawings in “C:\change_logo\drawings\WIP\” folder and perform same action. This script also make change the text related to company name and it’s location in “Background View” and writes Catia drawing filename in “list_attended.txt”
    • How to model gears: Learn how to create a complex user form to automatically model four different types of gears.

PowerPoint Downloads

CATIA V6 Downloads

Macro Pack 4.0 Download

CATIA Macro Pack Download – conveniently download over 100 macro codes at once.  I hope these macros help you reach your goals!

Downloaded Material Disclaimer:

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