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    Hi, my name is Antonello and this is the first time that i write in this forum.

    this is my question: i want to add an associated text in 2d drawing with a macro but i don’t find the right function in catia v5 documentation. Can you help me?

    thank’s a lot.



    Emmett Ross

    Hi Antonello, to get started see the following macro to loop through all dimension texts:



    Hi dudes and dudettes!
    New to this forum and to vba programing, something that Im hoping to become better at. I have a question about how to automate a workflow that i basically the same over and over again.
    So resently I have been working with alot of drawing updates and working with different version of the same partnumber.
    For every new version I have to these steps for every view/dwg:
    1) unlock the view (only one view)
    2) save and take out a new version
    3) go into “edit->links”
    4) go into pointed documents, locate the latest version and point the link to that
    5) update view

    Now is there a way to automate this through vba? Anyone who have seen this before?
    Where should I start ? 🙂



    Emmett Ross

    Hi Cimonc. You should be able to automate your process. I would begin by working through each of the steps you listed individually then combine it all together. For #1, see the unlock drawing view macro on my downloads page: http://www.scripting4v5.com/downloads/
    Let me know if you get stuck! Good luck.



    Hi, Antonello!

    I hope this code will help you solve the problem by adding the text.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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