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    Hello all,

    I’am facing a big problem with the macro launching in my society.

    We deploying Catia as a server installation so the Catia codes are copied on each computer of the design office.
    We also use several level of Catia, from R18 to R24 because customer needed.
    All code are 64bit.

    From some days we are unable to lauch macro in the R18 and R19 level because when we try to launch it this message box appear :

    “An error has occurred while showing the VBA IDE.The VBA hosting application is not correctly registered.
    Make sure your VBA hosting application is correctly registered in the Windows registery base.
    You can use V5Regserver as admin user to register it.”

    We have try to re-install VBA6 and VBA7, make the Regserver but nothing work.

    Is anyone know what to do ?

    CATScript work but not CATVba.

    Thank you with advance.


    Emmett Ross

    Hi there. So while in CATIA, if you press alt+f8 the macro window comes up but if you press alt+f11 you get the above posted error message?



    Hello Emmett,

    Thank you for your replies.
    Yes if I press alt+F11 I get this message, the editor does not appear.
    If I press alt+F8 the form for select macros appear but I can’t run CATvba.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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