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    Emmett Ross

    Hey everybody. One of the most frusturating aspects of being a programmer is pouring hours of time and effort into a macro to help others only to have no one use your codes. Judging by the number of emails I received on this topics, I know I’m not the only one who struggles with how to convince our bosses/managers/coworkers the benefits of using our macros. Many people are “stuck in their ways” or their excuse is they don’t want to learn something new. Others are scared because they think macros will replace their entire job. So please share your strategies and stories below, any tips to help others understand the benefit of using automation would be great!



    I never had to convince my managers for a macro which can save a lot of time and will give accurate results. Only problem i faced was to make them understand how this is going to work. I always spend a little time on creating a presentation which will have step by step instructions on how to use this macro and the results. Points like benefits really does the work.



    Managers are generally ignorant of the benefit of vba automation. If I approach them and say I can save them time if they give me 2-3 days to develop a macro they wont authorize it. They think throwing bodies or working around the clock with the mouse on fire is the best way to get a task out of the door quicker.

    When other workers observe the benefit of a macro then they want it, however it’s often difficult to hand it over, as its my blood sweat and tears that went into it with no recompense or real thanks. Also these macros are not fully validated when they have been written for personal use.

    Larger companies employ application engineers who develop macros as their job. at my small private design company, I have a design task to do and there’s no real work time to develop macros, so I have to do them in my own time

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    Emmett Ross

    That’s good advice vik, to spell out the instructions and list the benefits for the users. I’ll keep that in mind.

    Thanks for sharing fredtheblue. I know the feeling and have personally experienced everything you mentioned.

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