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    Emmett Ross

    Use this forum to introduce yourself! Who are you? What do you do? What industry do you work in? What are your hobbies?

    My name is Emmett Ross and I’m the creator of I’ve worked primarily in the aerospace and automotive industries using various CAD systems. In my spare time I like to do things outside, like go hiking. OK, your turn!


    David Thomas

    Hey Emmett, nice to meet you! I’m a mechanical engineer also working in the automotive field. Thanks for your great email tips. I’d like to see more drafting macro examples if you have time.



    Dear Emmett. I am a mechanical engineer. I recently bought the book “Catia V5 Macro Programming, Dieter R. Ziethen” I want to learn programming. I live in Romania.
    I hope to release interesting and challenging themes forum. Thank you.



    Hi everybody,

    I am student at the Master level of mechanical engineering at the
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

    This site has been very useful for me so I decided to participate in the forum.

    Thank you.



    Hi everybody, I’m a mechanical engineering technician. I work with CATIA since 2011 and i just begin to work with macro.

    This site is very useful for me to help me understand macro.

    Thank you!


    Emmett Ross

    Hi Ramzar! Thanks for joining the forum and I’m glad my website has been helpful to you.



    Hi everybody,

    I’m a 1rst year french PhD student, currently working on vibration assisted drilling. I’m not unfamiliar with scipting (coding in general), I came by for a specific issue, but I might hang around. It’s nice to find a forum dedicated to Catia scripting.



    Interested in Knowledge Engineering, now getting started with CATIA since about a month (experience from NX, Inventor, Ideas…). Website and book has been a good intro to the topic. Nice to find resources dedicated to CATIA scripting.



    Hey gang ….
    My name is Ian.
    I am basically dumb as pocket lint when it comes to programming.
    So this is very exciting to know there are nice people willing
    to help and share ideas.

    I work in a mold shop as a Catia V5 modeler.

    Looking forward to gaining new insights 🙂



    Hi Ian! Welcome to the forum, i’m quite new to macro programming but i hope i’ll be able to answer some of your questions if there is any.

    On a other note, we work in the Same domain, i work in a mold shop (invesment casting) as a catia mold designer!



    Hello All,

    Iam studying Masters in Automobile Engineering, and im new to working With Macros.

    This Site seems like a great Platform to Learn More about CATIA Macros.

    Looking forward to being a regular here.


    Emmett Ross

    Hi JuliusCaesar, glad to have you on the forums! I have worked in automotive industry some too. Good luck with your studies!



    Hello All,
    My name is Alex and I work for a automotive supplier. We design plastics parts for engine systems and we use Catia or Nx as cad system.
    I program Excel VBA and CAtia Vba for 2 or 3 years and I’m always happy to learning new things so I’m glad to find this website !


    Emmett Ross

    Hi Alex! Thanks for joining the forum. Glad to see you’re working in automotive industry.



    Hi Emmett,

    I’m an aerospace engineer and have been using Catia v5 for 14years now so think it’s about time I dived in a little deeper with scripting to make my life a little easier/faster/cheaper and more fun!
    Thanks for all the guidance along the way! 🙂


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)

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