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    Hi Emmett,

    I started life as an aerodynamicist, got bitten by the V5 bug back at R3 (used CATIA V4 before that) and never looked back. I specialise in Class A surfacing and I love the knowledge capture and re-use aspect of CATIA.
    I now work in Formula One Racing in England, UK using CATIA V6.
    Thank you for this forum to help the CATIA community.
    I enjoy reading your snippets.



    Hi all,
    This looks like a great site you’ve got going here.
    I’m an aerospace engineer and I thank you for all the macro tips you give.


    Emmett Ross

    Hi Dexter and Polo, nice to meet you! Thanks for the kind words and for introducing yourself on the forum, always exciting to meet new CATIA users.




    My name is Jorge Noro, and I’ve been Modeling and Drafting in CATIA since 16 years old. I’m currently working in the automobile industry in R&D.
    I started programming a bit a couple years ago, but then I discovered I could program CATIA, that idea for me was wow…

    So, I bought Emmet book and got myself started!


    Emmett Ross

    Welcome to the forum JorgeNoro! Thanks for buying my book and I hope it has helped you. That’s awesome you’ve been using CATIA since you were 16.



    Hi Emmett,

    I’m a Mechanical Engineer and have been using CATIA V5 with ENOVIA (PLM Software) for last 6 years now. I have ventured into the world of MACROS to improve the efficiency of the designers/drawing engineers.
    Thanks for this forum and website, I will need it’s support more in future. 😉




    I am Andrei, mechanical engineer in the automotive industry.



    Hey there,
    I am an NC programmer with a lot of experience in the aerospace and automotive business (including a 5 year stint at a design center in Ohio). I need to improve on my knowledgeware/scripting to help our group standardize and/or improve our processes.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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