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    I am using both AutoCAD and CATIA. I am trying to work the same way in CATIA as AutoCAD by giving commands through key board instead of using mouse.
    I have customized the commands by user alias. My problem is when I give command in AutoCAD, after enter the command, I pressed the space bar for enter.
    So, in AutoCAD command line, if we type the space bar, it will be treated as enter. But, when we come out from the command line for typing text, it will consider space bar for providing space.
    I am expecting this property in Catia also that when I enter the space bar in command line, it should be treated as enter.
    Please suggest any idea to assign space bar as enter.
    From the newsletter I received from you, I came to know that, it is possible by sendkeys option.
    I tried the below script. But, it shows ‘VBScript compilation error’.
    Kindly have a look and correct me the mistake.

    CATIA.RefreshDisplay = True
    SendKeys “{SPACE}”, True ‘ENTER
    End Sub


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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