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    I am trying to run a macro that creates an object in a plugin for catia that doesn’t have any API support so therefore I am using sendkeys to Catia to create the object in the plugin. The problem is that there is a popup that I need to press ok on but the script keeps sending the keys to catias main window.

    How do I get Catia to send the last “Enter” to the popup window?

    Greatful for any help.

    This is the code:

    Sub CATMain()

    SendKeys “c:Clone Project”
    SendKeys “{Enter}”
    SendKeys “{Enter}”

    End Sub


    Emmett Ross

    Hi. Do you have to use Send Keys? I’ve found they are quite unreliable.



    I don’t really have that much experience with macros but I think it is the only solution. There does not seem to be any other way to interact with the plugin. And also the programs needs to be run on university computers and since I cant get administrator access I think Send Keys is my only option.

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