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    I have tried to find this answer everywhere and everyones advice is exactly what i have entered. I’m sure with me being new, I am making some simple mistake.

    I preformed the Create_Sketch_01 tutorial. It works and I can run it on a new empty CATPart and everything works fine.

    However, when I try the tutorial Show_CreateLine_Form, and enter to code from the first macro, I get a compile error: Variable not defined. The error shows on the line

    “Set sketch1Variant = sketch1”

    ‘Set the axis system of the sketch

    Dim arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(8)
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(0) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(1) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(2) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(3) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(4) = 1#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(5) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(6) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(7) = 0#
    arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(8) = 1#

    Set sketch1Variant = sketch1
    sketch1Variant.SetAbsoluteAxisData arrayOfVariantOfDouble1

    Any help would be great. Thanks for your time.



    I guess taking a break helped. I noticed that at the top of my code I had Option Explicit. Took that out and it works. Hope this helps some other newbie at some point!



    Option Explicit forces you to declare (Dim) every variable. You would need to Dim sketch1 in order to avoid the failure with Option Explicit on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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