Updated Specification Tree Reorder Macro

I recently updated the tutorial that shows you how to reorder the specification tree with a CATVBA program. Check out the end result be watching me quickly rearrange the order of the CATIA parts automatically in the video below.

I’ve created an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial that will show you exactly how to rearrange the order of the components in the specification tree using a VBA macro. My method uses cut and paste but the constraint links will be preserved. In this tutorial, you’ll also learn how to:

  • create a userform with listboxes, labels, and command buttons
  • make a listbox not selectable
  • keep constraints when reordering by cutting and pasting
  • automatically sort the tree alphabetically, either from A to Z or Z to A

catia form to reorder components

This code reorders components under a CATProduct only, so the first step is you will either need an existing CATProduct to test this on or create a new one from scratch. The general steps this tutorial will follow are:

  1. Create a new CATProduct or open an existing assembly file in CATIA V5
  2. Setup a new CATVBA program
  3. Create a Userform
  4. Write the code for each of the command buttons
  5. Write the reorder tree code
  6. Test!

4-14-2016 3-44-54 PM

Get the Tutorial Today

You can download this macro either as a stand alone tutorial, or you’ll get it as part of the All-in package (best deal).

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