'Code by Emmett Ross
Option Explicit
Sub CATMain()

Dim welcome As String
welcome = "Hello! Welcome to VB Scripting for CATIA V5!"

Msgbox welcome

End Sub


My name is Emmett Ross and I’ve been using CAD systems as a CAD Engineer for over ten years now. I’m also a geek who just likes to make things – an engi-nerd if you will. The goals of this website are:

  1. To teach beginners how to learn CATIA macro programming. Read how learning to program CATIA macros saved my professional career and remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  2. To create a collection of CATIA macros and CATScripts you can put to use right away. Reusing code known to work is the fastest way to solve a problem. If you would like to share some codes with us please contact me and I will add them to this site.

Sign up using the links provided or begin reading some CATIA macro tutorials. If I can help just one person then all the time I’ve put into creating this site will have been worth it. Here’s to your success!

-Emmett Ross

cover image for catia macros book

I’m working on a new edition of VB Scripting  for CATIA V5 but I need your help! Please answer the question below: