I wanted to share with you some success stories of my readers who learned CATIA macro programming and were able to automate a process or project in their workplace that made an impact on their company and career. Automation is very powerful…

dont take my word for it

“Thank you very much for the book you’ve written and the information you’ve provided through you web site. It’s been very helpful. When I purchased your material years ago I knew absolutely nothing about scripting in VB for Catia. Now I’ve been able to use MS Studio with VB.Net quite effectively in scripting. I really enjoy developing the needed macros to enhance the working environment for the Cad community here. Even though our main development is done by teams in [other countries] through your help I’ve been able to accomplish tasks that they haven’t. Again I would just like to say thank you.” – Jon P., Solution Expert, April 2016

“I’ve been a follower of your blog for a while for CATIA Automation tips and we’ve exchanged emails before…I just want to say thanks for all the help you’ve given me and that it has provided a large amount of value to my work; from the initial steps of modifying your screenshot macro to be used and modifiable by my entire department to creating macros that automated entire design processes. It has really kick started my success and inspired me to do more with automation. Currently, I am a project manager for the switch to Catia V6 within my company, but I know that these changes and the general use of Catia is very underestimated. I know from my personal experience there is much more power in Catia automation and it seems that entire industries aren’t using it to it’s full potential…I’m really hoping to help point people in the right direction when it comes to automation. I don’t think this would have been possible or realized without your help getting started. Sincerely, thank you.” – Zack K., Engineer, March 2016

“Just wanted to say thank you for content you put out. I’m an engineer at a small aerospace manufacturing shop and have been trying to show others the value of back end VBA automation tools. Most of my stuff thus far has been debugging data point entry from excel to catia starting by debugging one of the Dassult provided macro-enabled excel files, but I’ve also been able to add axis system selection as well. That’s where I became aware of the vba capabilities of catia.” -Dominique

“Learning some CATIA VBA has been a big help to me. There’s been many instances where I’ve been able to take routine tasks and turn hours of work into minutes or seconds. I feel like I’ve only learned a little but that knowledge has carried over into a much greater understanding to other related areas of my work, such as a better understanding of how to work with our PLM system. Thanks!” – Alexander P., CAD Engineer

“Learning how to write macros in CATIA gave me a huge advantage over my coworkers and helped to quickly earn my colleague’s respect, leading not only to me keeping the job but also to quicker promotions, along with more job freedom and flexibility. Not only did it help me bounce back from a low point but it opened my eyes to the world of automation and the opportunities that it can create for an engineer’s career.” – Emmett Ross, owner of VB Scripting for CATIA V5, read my full story here.


If you have your own success story that you’d like to share I’d love to hear about it. Shoot me a line here.