The Various Lucrative CATIA Careers You Can Pursue

One of the aspects I find most attractive about learning how to use CATIA is that there are numerous CATIA careers you can choose from. Not only are each of the individual career lines dynamic and ever evolving, but because an engineering degree is such a highly regarded credential, you can easily make a switch from one to another at any point in your career. Moreover, the salaries and benefits involved in each of your career options are lucrative given the demand for quality talent. So let me summarize a few CATIA careers you can pursue. You can read more a few of these in detail by following the links below.

Invaluable CATIA Skills

What are the best CATIA skills to learn? In my professional career I have found there to be a few CATIA skills that, if you possess a few or all of them, will make you a nearly invaluable and indispensable resource. My top four CATIA skills to learn are:

  1. Advanced Surfacing (Generative Shape Design workbench)
  2. NC Programming (Advanced Machining workbench)
  3. Stress analysis/FEA (Generative Structural Analysis workbench)
  4. CATIA VBA Macros

Don’t be afraid to ask your employer for training in a specific area. Remember to show/tell them how it will improve your efficiency and productivity.

Career Advice

In addition to learning specific CATIA workbenches, there are two actions I took outside of a job which significantly helped my career as a CAD engineer.

  1. Learning CATIA VBA programming
  2. Creating my own website

I discuss how learning CATIA macros helped saved my career in the About section of this website and you can click here to learn how creating my own website has helped my professional career.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see there are several CATIA design engineer career options, and each one of these can be a very lucrative profession. Learning how to program CATIA macros can expedite your career success in each of these professions. I hope I’ve helped you and inspired you to improve your skills. Search for CATIA jobs near you using our job board.