How much does CATIA automation training cost?

CATIA V5 training is not cheap, especially when it comes to macro programming and automation classes. Why? A lack of teachers and experts who have time and passion to teach who aren’t busy working on other projects. I’ve compiled a short list of a few different companies that offer CATIA automation training and the costs are listed below.

CATIA Macro Training Example 1:

caita automation training costI won’t mention this company’s name but you can see the cost of their CATIA automation training is $2,950 Canadian, which converts to roughly $2323.38 USD! And that’s not taking the class alone. To have the instructor all to yourself you have to pay another $1,000 on top of that.

CATIA Macro Training Example 2:

 Here’s another company that offers a four day CATIA automation training class.

cost of catia macro training

As you can see from the screenshots, the cost of the course is $2,625 USD. Add in the taxes and it equals $2,966.25. Not to mention you have to travel to the training facility on your own dollar to participate in this course. This particular company doesn’t even offer an online training option.

catia programming training cost

CATIA Macro Training Example 3:

I found another company that does offer a three day, live remote class and the cost is *only* $1,275.

I list these values as reference only. I’m sure these classes are all valuable and you would learn the fundamentals of programming. The only downside is the cost is very high and can be quite prohibitive to an individual who wants to learn on his own. Not everyone has the backing of a large company or employer to cover the cost of leveling-up your skills. Which is where I come in.

This all makes my $97 All-in package look pretty affordable in comparison, no? A four or five day training course also probably won’t get very deep into the material, while you can learn at your own rate with my course that covers many topics including drafting. I hope my material is an affordable option for individuals looking to improve their design efficiency and productivity.


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