Why My Students Love VB Scripting for CATIA V5 eBook

Hundreds of CAD designers have begun automating CATIA. See what other engineers are saying about VB Scripting for CATIA V5. The following are comments received from some of my actual students (and used with their permission though some did not want to reveal their full name):

“Learning some CATIA VBA has been a big help to me. There’s been many instances where I’ve been able to take routine tasks and turn hours of work into minutes or seconds. I feel like I’ve only learned a little but that knowledge has carried over into a much greater understanding to other related areas of my work, such as a better understanding of how to work with our PLM system. Thanks!” – Alex P.

“I struggled [a] lot to get this kind of study material. I was searching and  finally now I’m having your ebook. It’s great…Thank you for your effort to build this.”                    –Shrinivas H.

“Thank you very very much for the book!” – Robert

“You are the best Mr. Ross…I love your work, keep it coming and we are proud of you as a friend.” -Z

“The how-to macro book all CATIA programmers have been waiting for!”-N.T.

“I have recently bought your book and it amazingly helped my CATIA understanding. It does not only help you with macro programming but it helps you to understand how the software works which I find a real advantage.” – Adam N. 1-22-2013

“Within some hours reading your book, I have learned more than searching the web for about a week.” – Chris 3/14/13

“I have learned a lot in the last few days, courtesy your wonderful book. I have made a few macros and they are working fine.” -P.  4/9/13

“…the best resource for beginners.” Matt Lamberson, October 2014

“You have done a great job.” Rubén Bernal Blay, October 2014

“I would like to thank you for your book. Thanks to this book I now able to do a lot of things with CATIA ! :)” -Alix, 2-5-15

“Your book got me out of a jam when I had a few days to absorb as much VB as possible.” – Adam F., May 2015

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